Porchlight announces ‘Billy Elliot’ cast

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Porchlight Music Theatre announced the cast of “Billy Elliot” Wednesday. The cast of the Tony-winning musical will be the largest in Porchlight’s history.

Jacob Kaiser and Lincoln Seymour will share the title role with Shanesia Davis as Mrs. Wilkinson and Sean Fortunato as Dad. The production will also feature Iris Lieberman as Grandma, Adam Fane as Tony Elliot, Peyton Owen as Michael Caffrey, Nicole Cready as Mum and Princess Isis Z. Lang as Debbie Wilkinson, with Jordan DeBose, Gabriel Robert, John Gurdian, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, Jeff Bouthiette, Tommy Novak, Ivan Bruns-Trukhin, Bernell Lassai III, Logan Baffico, Alejandro Medina, Jessica Vann, Graham Hawley, Jacob Voigt, Roy Brown, Jenny McPherson, Kayla Boye, Darby Leetch, Moriah Mitchell, Paula Hlava, Anna L. Bramlett, McKenna Rogers, Emerson Tait, Katelyn Montgomery, Kendall Sorkin, Ayla Gray and Bernadette Olivia Schwegel…. [Read More]

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Morgan Greene



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